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Rainbow Brights Oh My!

I recently purchased the Fair Maiden Rainbow Brights Collection and I am so glad I did!

These cremes are not quite neon but they are so vibrant and perfect. They all apply like a dream.  For every swatch I used two coats plus top coat. I have swatches of all 8 cremes to share plus macros of the holo top coat and gold glitter.


First up is “Let’s Get Physical.”  This blue is perfection!


This vivid green is “Aim to Misbehave.” An amazing kelly green.


And I now have a favorite red! This is “Daredevil.”  It doesn’t have the normal blue undertones that I see in so many reds. It is glorious!


This is true to color. All of these polishes photograph so well.  “Reach For the Sky” is a color in between indigo and periwinkle and is pure genius!


“Ooh La La” is a creamy dreamy orange that is almost yummy! Reminds me of orange soda.


Purple is my favorite color and they did a marvelous job with this one. This is “Don’t Be Shy.”


Put your sunglasses on! “Look on the Bright Side” is definitely bright!


“Tickle Me Pink” is almost shocking!  I love me some hot pink! And they nailed this one.

Ready for some nail porn?


“Always Look for the Rainbow” is an amazing gold glitter topper with hints of scattered holo.


“Glory of the Galaxy” is a wonderful holo topper that looks amazing over all of the Brights!

So the first thing I do with every polish I get is test it in the water. And guess what? They marble!


I decided to do a rainbow watermarble as to stick with the theme of the collection.  So satisfied with how it turned out.  I have the video tutorial on my Instagram account today.

Decided to add the holo topper.


So pretty! Look at the rainbow in the bottle!

These are my first polishes by Fair Maiden and will not be my last.  If you are interested in them make sure to check out their store here.


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