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NWP – Labyrinth Collection

Eight all new colors in the latest collection from Native War Paints…

*Press Sample*

I was a little girl when Labyrinth came out.  I have to admit that I have never seen it. I think after seeing all of the crazy names from this collection that I have to watch it now.  Is it on Netflix?

Native war paints labyrinth collection nails

I have a lot of information about this collection.  Starting with pre-order and pricing info.

The pre-order begins 6/17 at midnight until 7/2  at this time the full collection will be $65.  After the pre-order the price will be $70.

During the first week of the pre-order (6/17 – 6/25) each polish will be $9.

The second week of the the pre-order (6/26 – 7/2) each polish will be $9.50.

After the pre-order the individual polishes will be $10 each.

There will also be special pricing for 4 piece collections.

For some of the following swatches, you will see two descriptions.  The makers, which is first, and then mine after the photos.  I used two coats plus top coat for all eight.

“Bog of Eternal Stench” is a gold-green-blue duochrome with bronze and green flakies, along with gold, green, teal and red microglitter in a brownish green base.

Nwp labyrinth bog eternal stenchNwp labyrinth bog eternal stench macro

This one seems more of a mustard-y color to me.  I do see the hints of green and brown though.

“Chilly Down with the Fire Gang” is a red-orange-yellow duochrome with various pink flakies in a vibrant pink base.

Nwp labyrinth chilly down with fire gangNwp labyrinth chilly down with fire gang macro

This one to me is a super bright pink with pink flakies.  I really didn’t see the duochrome in it, nor did I capture it in the photos.  But I really love how vibrant it is!

“Dance Magic” is a gold-green duochrome with purple flakies, real silver flakies, micro holographic glitter shreds, and holographic silver microglitter in a scattered holographic purple base.

Nwp labyrinth dance magicNwp labyrinth dance magic macro

This color is gorgeous!  Such a beautiful purple, but I am purple freak! 😉  Purple is what I see first, then I see some beautiful holo microglitter and stunning glitter shreds.  The shreds laid flat and I had zero issues.

“Goblin King” is a purple-blue-red duochrome with pink-purple-blue- gold UCC flakies and various purple flakies in a black base.

Nwp labyrinth goblin kingNwp labyrinth goblin king macro

This is a tricky bugger!  I definitely love the black base and captured that well.  The purple and blue duochrome are very strong and easier to see in person.  Beautiful!

“Hoggle and Ludu, Friends” is a purple-orange-red duochrome with red-bronze-copper UCC flakies and red and bronze flakies in a red base.

Nwp labyrinth hoggle ludu friendsNwp labyrinth hoggle ludu friends macro

“I Will Be There For You” is a pink-purple-orange duochrome with green, blue, purple, pink flakies, blue, teal, and holographic silver micro glitter in a scatter holographic teal base.

Nwp labyrinth I will be there for youNwp labyrinth I will be there for you macro

The teal in this one is more of a blue teal opposed to a green teal.  Absolutely beautiful and possibly my favorite from the entire collection.

“Sir Didymus” is a cyan-blue-red duochrome with red, blue, white and gold flakies in a vibrant blue base.

Nwp labyrinth sir didymusNwp labyrinth sir didymus macro

“You Have No Power Over Me” is an indigo-purple-red duochrome with real silver flakies and rainbow flakies in a holographic base.

Nwp labyrinth you have no power over meNwp labyrinth you have no power over me macro

Overall I am super happy with this collection. The colors are all super pretty and I had no application issues.  The duochrome showed up well in a few of the colors.  To be honest, I didn’t even see it in some of them.  Duochrome or not, all eight are very pretty and if you are a Native War Paints fan or Labyrinth fan, then you need these!

Thanks for reading!

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