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Loving the Crème à la Mode box!

I splurged on some Indie cremes and I love them!


So back in August @gotnail (on Instagram) had swatches of some gorgeous cremes and I loved all four.  To my excitement, they all came together in one glorious box!  It was fate and I had to buy it. This is a quarterly collaboration box and I am excited for the next one.  I feel like every Indie I buy anymore has holo or glitter in it, which I love, but cremes cannot be forgotten!

Best part of this box is that it is very affordable, has super cute packaging, and I got to try out three new brands. (I already have a Literary Lacquers.) Ok, so that is three best parts! =D These brands aren’t new, just new to me!


These are the four that were in the first box. From left to right: Octopus Party “Universal Loner,” Indigo Bananas “Darkside of the Maroon,” Literary Lacquers “Bluestocking Romance,” and Digital Nails “Tauping Mechanism.”


Octopus Party “Universal Loner” is a creamy dreamy red. Shown is two coats plus top coat.




Indigo Bananas “Darkside of the Maroon” is a gorgeous mulberry color.  Shown is two coats plus top coat.




Literary Lacquers “Bluestocking Romance” is a one coater!!!  Yes, this stunning blue is shown in only one coat plus top coat.




Digital Nails “Tauping Mechanism” is a light gray, almost concrete color. Shown is two coats plus top coat.




All of these polishes are actually so shiny on their own that I technically didn’t need top coat.  And because they all meshed well together I had to do some nail art with them.


And I had a hard time picking just one to hold, so a collage was necessary!


I was going for an Xs and Os theme…


Make sure to follow Crème à la Mode on Instagram for info on their upcoming box.  And check out their store here.


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